Access Recovery Tool Working Steps

  1. Click "Start" >>Select "All Programs">> Run "Access Repair Tool"
    open access repair tool
  2. Click "Browse" to import the corrupted Access file
    browse access file
  3. Select Access (.mdb or .accdb) file and Click "Open"
    select access file
  4. Click "Recover" to repair and recover Corrupted items of Access database file
    recover data
  5. Green bar show file scanning for error
    <progress bar
  6. All recover and repair items list is generated. Double click on items to preview data.Then click "Export"
    file format
  7. Enable Any one option from MDB or CSV. Enabling MDB option, export files in mdb format and enabling CSV, export database in csv file format, then click browse to slect destination location
    destination location
  8. Check Schema or schema & data options. Only schema options store the database header, and schema & data store complete data of the file
    schema option
  9. Click "OK" to store the repair Access Database files into storage device
    store file